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Las Vegas is Really Gross These Days

What is grosser than gross?

The mayor of Oakland, California of course! For her absurdly ridiculous comment about Las Vegas being gross. I mean the current prices for anything and everything = grosser than ever. Really $28 bucks at The Flamingo store for a 1 liter of Mountain Dew and a pack of cigs (a required gambling vice) is really gross on a degenerate gambler's bank roll. But bashing a city that is built purely for sin because it is an oasis of epic fun proportions is just a tad bit absurd. The word TACKY comes to mind also as she has a mouth on her LMAO. Maybe all their sports teams moving to Vegas is a sore spot for the mayor. Maybe she is just a jerk. I personally thank her for giving me the motivation to build yet another fun site featuring the city I love (to hate at times) for it's epic fun & games.

Just for the record Oakland hasn't been anything but gross since The Bash Brothers left town. And this is a fact: you can SMELL California before you actually get there when you drive to it. Yes I said it, Cali stinks to high heaven. Just like The Strip in Sin City, no hard feelings everybody. The entire world has a funky stench right now. And I love the Oakland A's, when they win and/or cover the run line for me <3

I had this poster on my wall as a kid.
the world famous Bash Brothers poster
Photo credit to wikipedia


Coming Soon (or maybe never): The skinny lowdowns & dirty shames that is Gross, Nevada AKA Las Vegas.

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